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Invisible College Quartet

Coded communications. Long distance collaborations: this unique quartet covers a huge array of musical genres and textures, exploring different approaches to group improvisation. True to its name, the ensemble alternates between periods of activity and inactivity.
Includes exciting emerging composers Paul Hembree, Steven SnowdenChris Rippey, and Brandon Vaccaro.


Invisible College Quartet – Codes & Cyphers (Mystery Cabal MC2009-3)

© + ℗ 2009 by Mystery Cabal (ASCAP).
All rights reserved.

These recordings were compiled from two different live performances:

From 8 Nov 2007

Cowboy =Avalanche
Flute Work No. 1 (v.1) = DUCKS888f9a
Shortening H077823JDP59 = Prime (v. 1)
Wave Clouds like Hands (v.1) = HHojd7000cKLLLLA
Hocket Thing (v.1) = 223ggGGiid02{{{{{{

From 8 May 2008

Cowboy =Avalanche
Wave Clouds Like Hands (v.2) = HHojd888f00cKLLLLA
Hocket Thing (v.2) =223g77DGd02{{{{{{
Ambient Textures No. 2355649-7 = Bucket
Flute Work No. 1 (v.2) = Redux
Chris’ Thing = ?\
Shortening HC777H3JDP59 = Prime (v. 2)
Ambient Textures No. 2357786-5 = More Bucket Please

These performances were part of the
Sound.scapes Presented by Mystery Cabal series
at Object + Thought gallery in Denver, CO.