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Coefficient of Friction

Conceived as an experiment in the resistance of an audience to the new and unusual, Coefficient of Friction was active from 1996-1998. The band was a creative collaboration of the Reverend Lord F., Heimlich Ignotius, and The Master KB.

Creative differences, a hot dog bun, and strange mating practices took its toll on the band and in the spring of 1998, the band played its final show at the Bug Theater, headlining the Neon Renaissance Festival.
Coefficient of Friction recorded one album, Teaser, for Mystery Cabal. It was the first Mystery Cabal release.

Coefficient of Friction – Teaser (Mystery Cabal MC10000)


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Coefficient of Friction is

Heimlich Ignotis (Scott Scholz)
Reverend Lord F. (Brandon Vaccaro)
Master KB (Kris Bennett)
Jon Powers (1998)
Brad Breek (1997)
Allen Burke (1997-8)
Marc Kajawara (1997)
Cody Brown (1997)
Mitch Bricker (1997)
Katy Cox (1996)