Kallisti is an eclectic mix of various genres. It is a lie to say that metal and the urge to rock don't impinge on our good senses at times. So, some of our music rocks. Not in a vainglorious and trivial way, rather in a tasteful way that affirms that cruelty and humor do go together. Add some violin, old analog synths, and you might get an inkling of what our songs are.

Colors not used to describe Kallisti's music: yellow, magenta, pink, robin's egg, taupe.

Animals not associated but would enhance our image: bunnies, kittens, teenagers.

Kallisti is

Conrad Kehn
Brandon Vaccaro
Carrie Beeder
David Hesker
Lawrence Kung

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One EP

MC2006-6 - Buy it?

Two EP

MC2008-1 - Buy it?

Live & Acoustic



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